Sunday, July 10, 2011

A PostSecret Regarding Marriage Equality

PostSecret postcard with rainbow background. Text reads: Im gay and so tired of hearing about marriage equality. Behind text, a car drives off with placard on back. Instead of just married, it says, Semi-married. A quote bubble coming out of the car says, It's boring and there are more important issues.

Source: PostSecret


Sarah said...

I'm so tired of hearing about LBGTQ people who are against marriage equality (whether the sender of this postcard is or not isn't clear). Regardless of one's opinions on the benefits of marriage in general are, it seems not quite right to be against something that, at the very least, has the benefit of reducing harm to couples who might otherwise find themselves shut out of end-of-life care, health insurance benefits, tax shelters, the ability to continue living in their homes after the death of a partner, etc. It is something I have been hearing a lot lately on my blog - that marriage is lame, and therefore should not be extended to everyone. But wouldn't it follow then that if it is lame, there ought to be a movement to abolish it entirely? I don't see that happening... what are your thoughts?

Merideth said...

Even if marriage is kind of lame, I won't actively campaign against it. I agree with many of the sentiments in this PostSecret, but I think pushing to abandon marriage equality entirely at this point is folly. I'm also heartened by efforts on the part of many LGBTQ organizations to include more than just marriage in their action agendas. Even though I think there's a lot more work to be done, I agree with you.

There is a movement of sorts to abandon marriage entirely, but it's not that cohesive - and it also doesn't have the $$ to stand up to Gay, Inc.