Monday, December 6, 2010

Studies illuminate challenges for LGBTQ youth

Two studies have been released that illustrate some of the challenges that LGBTQ youth face. This article from CNN describes some of the specific findings and talks about where more research needs to be done. When you consider how things were in the past, it's clear we've made some progress, but there's still so much that needs to be improved when it comes to how our younger siblings are treated.

If you're already familiar with what queer kids have to deal with, some of the findings from these studies won't be a surprise to you. What struck me most about this article, however, was the (multiple) stories about school administrators participating in bullying queer youth. Those people should be completely ashamed of themselves. If adults can't be trusted to respect the humanity of the people they serve, they don't deserve the privilege of working with youth.

It's nice to see coverage on the bullying issue that's specific to young LGBTQ people, and it's especially nice to see good coverage of social science studies. I hope to see more press like this article in the future.

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