Monday, December 13, 2010

"Gay and homeless: In plain sight, a largely hidden population"

Good article from the LA Times examines the situation of homeless LGBTQ youth in Los Angeles. I'm so grateful for the courage of these youth to share their stories with the world.

When are people like AJ and Alex, Jonathan, and Christopher and going to be a priority for us? We already know that poverty disproportionately affects queer and trans folk and that our youth are more likely to be homeless for a number of different reasons. While we're busy worrying about whether we can get our partner's benefits through marriage or whether we can join the military so we can go to college, we should not be forgetting those among us who are some of the most vulnerable.

And YouTube videos about how it gets better, as important as that message might be, are not enough, either.

It's (way past) time for our movement(s) to re-evaluate what we are really fighting for. Issues relating to youth, the poor, and elders must not be allowed to fall through the cracks. We say we are working for equality. What kind of equality is it, and who, exactly, gets access to it?

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