Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Dan Savage

I read your statement in response to accusations of transphobia related to one of your recent columns.

Sorry, but just because you have a friend who is trans doesn't mean you are not transphobic.

Seriously, it made me lol irl 4rlz that the second sentence of this statement is, "One of my best friends is trans." Seriously? You genuinely, honestly think that your behavior is excused because you have a trans friend? Is this whole statement supposed to be satire? I'm really not sure.

Also, is it rational and not disrespectful of me to wonder if every single gay person I meet is actually bi or even straight? Because I know a lot of people who came out as gay and then realized that they were bi. I even know a couple who came out as gay and now identify as straight.

Finally, if I end up in a relationship with someone who is perceived to be the "opposite sex," it doesn't make me any less in the queer "boat." It doesn't belittle my years of queer activism. It doesn't invalidate anything about my queer identity. It does, however, show me who's intolerant and biphobic within the gay community, and you, my friend, are still a shining example of such ignorance. You can't even make a statement saying that you're not biphobic without throwing in some biphobia for good measure.

There's so much more I could say about what's problematic here, but the fact that you even made this statement in the first place tells me that efforts to convince you that you're wrong are pretty futile.

In conclusion: I'm not sure why anyone still takes you seriously.

Oh, and I've got an F word for you, but I don't think it's the same one you were talking about.

Bi Avenger

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