Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jason Mraz Vows to Fight for Equality + Jim Tressel is Full of Win

If this happened in Columbus, who would be the celebrity? O.A.R.? RJD2? Bow Wow? ...Dwight Yoakam?
I guess Rascal Flatts could sort of count. We know they're already allies.
Not really sorry to say, I think Jim Tressel might be the closest person we've had to a Columbus celebrity ally. Read an interview with him in this month's Outlook Monthly. This interview was featured in ESPN's Big Ten blog. Tressel is apparently the first Division 1 coach to give an interview to a queer publication. F yeah, Ohio State. By the way, has anyone else noticed that outlook is getting better and better each month?

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is lending a hand to the fight for marriage equality and other LGBT rights. The Grammy winner stopped by San Diego’s LGBT Community Center to talk with staff members and volunteers to see how he can get involved locally."I came down here to learn more about how I can get involved in the fight for equality," Mraz said in a statement at the center. "Not just marriage equality, but equality for all. And why it's important to me is that it affects my life. Many of my friends, management, staff, even one of my close, personal friends, my transgender surfing buddy ... I have been so inspired by the life that they live and the committed relationships that they have. Most of them have had longer, more committed relationships than I have had, yet don't get the same rights as I do, don't get to plan and protect each other in the bond that marriage offers, and to feel protected in society. So I'm down here to learn and hopefully you are here to learn and are joining me in the fight."

Mraz, who lives in a suburb of San Diego, has lent his time to the fight for LGBT rights before. At this year’s Grammy Awards, Mraz wore a white knot on the red carpet, symbolizing his support for marriage equality. He told reporters he wanted more straight musicians and activists to support the fight for equal rights.

Specifically, Mraz called on John Mayer and Kanye West, two musicians who have publicly denounced homophobia in the past, to join him in the fight for marriage equality.

“We are delighted that a performer as talented as Jason has chosen to get involved with this fight," the San Diego LGBT Community Center's CEO Delores Jacobs told The Advocate. "His enthusiasm is infectious and his dedication to helping is inspiring to us all!”

Back in 2005, Mraz told Genre magazine, "I have a bisexually open mind, but I have never been in a sexual relationship with a man. If the right one came along, then sure."

P.S. Hey Mraz, good luck with getting John Mayer and Kanye West to join you with that. Good job calling them out, though.
P.P.S. Even though Jason Mraz is a womanizer and a sellout, I still love him.

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