Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ronald Reagan actually did at least one thing right.

Celebrating National Ice Cream Month

OK, so you need a little justification to dive into another pint of your favorite creamy frozen dessert. It’s hotter than Haiti outside and all of the kids are home from school for three months… and you need an excuse?

Well, look no further for the perfect all-encompassing, no holds barred reason to satisfy your constant craving. July is National Ice Cream Month.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Which Ice Cream Company came up with this little beauty to boost sales and grow the bottom line (both financially and physically?)

Well it wasn’t a company, but rather the former Leader of the Free World: Ronald Reagan...

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I, for one, plan on doing my patriotic duty by visiting Jeni's some time in the very near future. Note to everyone: If you are ever in Columbus, you MUST visit a Jeni's location at least once.

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