Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Guerrilla Queer Bar Columbus Event- July 10th!

There are a lot of exciting things going on that I'd like to post about! Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow. In the meantime, I'd like to share some info about Guerrilla Queer Bar Columbus.

The following message was sent out to the GQB Facebook group, Google Group and Twitter followers:

Hey wonderful people-

We're terribly sorry for the long delay, but here goes... Our first GQB Columbus event will be JULY 10, 2009 at 8 PM (That's a Friday, by the way). Yes, that's right. We're finally doing it.

Now that you know that date, keep checking your inbox for the location, which will be announced later in the week. It's already decided, but it's up to you all to speculate. Let's just say you should all look fabulous, because we're going to be in HD!

We ask that you wear pink and black for this event. Of course, if you can't, don't worry, the point of this event is to see your wonderful smiling faces out and about anyway.

So prepare to have a good time, prepare to socialize in a new place and prepare to make new friends. It's going to be a blast. Remember, GQB events are designed to have fun and be social. Tell all your friends, tell your mom, tell your dog, and above all... Be there!

As a rule, count on GQB Columbus to be organizing events for the second Friday of every month. We believe that this time coordinates well with other events around town and around the state.

We can't wait to see you!
Guerrilla Queer Bar Columbus

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Queers United said...

so fun id go if i was there