Monday, June 22, 2009

comBIne in Pride

So comBIne marched in the Columbus Pride parade. It was great!

Our cheers included hat tips to bisexuality, loving more than one gender, pride, queerness, genderqueerness, and, of course, OH-IO.

One fundamentalist protestor shouted at us, "Even Buckeye perverts go to Hell!" Hahaha, good job. What was that again about not judging, lest ye be judged?

Columbus Pride is the second largest Pride celebration in the Midwest.

comBIne passed out candy with flyers. One side had our contact info, and the other side talked about Brenda Howard:

"Did you know?
Brenda Howard, a bisexual activist, is known as the 'Mother of Pride.' She worked to help coordinate the first month anniversary rally of the Stonewall Rebellion and the 'Christopher Street Liberation Day March' to commemorate the first year anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Howard originated the idea of a week-long series of Pride Day events, which later became the annual LGBT Pride celebrations that are now held worldwide every June. Brenda Howard and fellow LGBT Activists Robert A. Martin and L. Craig Schoonmaker popularized the word 'Pride' to describe these festivities. Brenda was also actively involved with leather, BDSM, feminist, anti-war, and Alcoholics Anonymous community activism and awareness.
Only a handful of activists in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement were there at Stonewall and never stopped.
—Andy Humm describing Brenda Howard in Gay City News, August 11–17, 2005

More photos and things to come later! My computer is still dead, so I have to go to the library for intertubes.

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