Thursday, May 7, 2009

Outlook Media Fail

Outlook Weekly, our local GL(bt) news paper, has recently switched to a monthly format. Curious about how its content might've changed with its change in format, I checked it out. Glaringly obvious mistake: Why is TransOhio not listed under "Community Resources?" Their website also leaves something to be desired. Consider yourself warned in advance. "Community Resources" are listed on page 7.

As I tend to be cynical about the inclusion of bacon & tomato, I'm not really surprised. Outlook also never features real people from Columbus on their cover, and they still run Savage Love despite all the problems with Dan Savage being a racist / biphobic / transphobic / victim-blaming /generally distasteful person, they rarely cover bi and trans issues... Et cetera.

Try at least a little harder, guys. :/

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