Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Roundup Thingy #2 and Stuff and Things

Hello, dear readers. My life has been rather crowded of late, leaving me little time for blogging.

One of my two dogs, Violet:

went missing last week, so that has occupied a lot of my attention and emotional space. She was actually lost and last seen in the Troy (Ohio) area, if you happen to know anyone who lives around there.

here are both of them. (CRAZY DOG MOM ALERT)

I have many (original) things to say but they will have to wait 'til a later date. For now, please enjoy these excellent blogs and videos (and a smidgen of original content at the end, heh). These were picked from an assortment of things that I have had time to skim or read and are by no means exhaustive coverage of the blogs on my blogroll, so I encourage you to poke around in there (that's what she s... ahem).

Michael Amann Says... Tucker Max: A million little pieces of shit (UWeekly) - This is the best thing ever to be printed in UWeekly. Ever.

Police stations fly the rainbow flag (Pink News) - This is really awesome.

Controversial protest by radical gay group now subject of federal lawsuit (Michigan Messenger) - Important to keep updated on, especially since it was a midwest Bash Back group.

World Hepatitis Day - Why the Gay/Bi Community Must Take Action! (Queers United) - There is a lot of misinformation, ignorance, and cynicism out there - let's make sure we are safe.

Homeless Youth Pride Walk 2009 (Queers United) - Again, really important issue, and I am thrilled to hear about this cause.

There Are Too Many Girls in Science! Let the Boys Back In! (Isis the Scientist) Isis the Scientist is totally fantastic (as always) and critiques this faulty viewpoint in a great way

Asshole of the Day (Kate Harding's Shapely Prose) - I love this blog and this sort of thing is why.

Comrade PhysioProf's Handy-Dandy Guide For D00dly Commenters (Comrade PhysioProf [Guest blog for Isis the Scientist]) - CPP rocks, as usual

The most ridiculous queer week ever (Stuff Queer People Need to Know) - Some interesting stuff here, and the photo made me laugh.

Symptom of a Cowtown Mentality (Columbusite) - This is REALLY frustrating to me. It's like the city doesn't care about pedestrians at all sometimes.

Feminism is Alive and Well in Ohio (Feminist Avengers) - Heck yes.

Mixtape: 10 Best Architecture Songs (Flavorwire) - I'm going to quote my friend, who shared this, on this one: "one knows she is an art geek when she counts down 'Architecture' songs!"

Orestes pursued by the Furries (Fetch Me My Axe) - Hahaha.

Also, you have probably seen these by now, but they are worth including in case you have not:

I made a ranked list of Ohio cities whose major export is crippling depression, based on my own experience and what I've heard from others (please note that not all Ohio cities made it on here).
1. Youngstown
2. Toledo
3. Cleveland
4. Findlay
5. Dayton
6. Springfield
7. Cincinnati
8. Canton
9. Akron

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