Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Roundup Thingy #2 and Stuff and Things

Hello, dear readers. My life has been rather crowded of late, leaving me little time for blogging.

One of my two dogs, Violet:

went missing last week, so that has occupied a lot of my attention and emotional space. She was actually lost and last seen in the Troy (Ohio) area, if you happen to know anyone who lives around there.

here are both of them. (CRAZY DOG MOM ALERT)

I have many (original) things to say but they will have to wait 'til a later date. For now, please enjoy these excellent blogs and videos (and a smidgen of original content at the end, heh). These were picked from an assortment of things that I have had time to skim or read and are by no means exhaustive coverage of the blogs on my blogroll, so I encourage you to poke around in there (that's what she s... ahem).

Michael Amann Says... Tucker Max: A million little pieces of shit (UWeekly) - This is the best thing ever to be printed in UWeekly. Ever.

Police stations fly the rainbow flag (Pink News) - This is really awesome.

Controversial protest by radical gay group now subject of federal lawsuit (Michigan Messenger) - Important to keep updated on, especially since it was a midwest Bash Back group.

World Hepatitis Day - Why the Gay/Bi Community Must Take Action! (Queers United) - There is a lot of misinformation, ignorance, and cynicism out there - let's make sure we are safe.

Homeless Youth Pride Walk 2009 (Queers United) - Again, really important issue, and I am thrilled to hear about this cause.

There Are Too Many Girls in Science! Let the Boys Back In! (Isis the Scientist) Isis the Scientist is totally fantastic (as always) and critiques this faulty viewpoint in a great way

Asshole of the Day (Kate Harding's Shapely Prose) - I love this blog and this sort of thing is why.

Comrade PhysioProf's Handy-Dandy Guide For D00dly Commenters (Comrade PhysioProf [Guest blog for Isis the Scientist]) - CPP rocks, as usual

The most ridiculous queer week ever (Stuff Queer People Need to Know) - Some interesting stuff here, and the photo made me laugh.

Symptom of a Cowtown Mentality (Columbusite) - This is REALLY frustrating to me. It's like the city doesn't care about pedestrians at all sometimes.

Feminism is Alive and Well in Ohio (Feminist Avengers) - Heck yes.

Mixtape: 10 Best Architecture Songs (Flavorwire) - I'm going to quote my friend, who shared this, on this one: "one knows she is an art geek when she counts down 'Architecture' songs!"

Orestes pursued by the Furries (Fetch Me My Axe) - Hahaha.

Also, you have probably seen these by now, but they are worth including in case you have not:

I made a ranked list of Ohio cities whose major export is crippling depression, based on my own experience and what I've heard from others (please note that not all Ohio cities made it on here).
1. Youngstown
2. Toledo
3. Cleveland
4. Findlay
5. Dayton
6. Springfield
7. Cincinnati
8. Canton
9. Akron

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Watch this video.

GAY = SIN from Matthew Brown on Vimeo.

If you pause it and let it load and it still isn't working for you, watch a lower resolution version here. But the visuals aren't quite as striking in that one.

(H/T The Bilerico Project)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

America's First Transgender Mayor

RESIDENTS OF SILVERTON, OREGON, like to say their town is "40 miles and 40 years from Portland." If you visit in early January, the sign on the Assembly of God church may still read HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS. If you're friendly when you check into the lone hotel, the clerk will likely thank you "for the smile." And if you stop by the Rolling Hills Bakery, which has the best muffins around, you'll probably learn that it was recently saved from bankruptcy by a handful of locals who stepped up to cook, clean, and work behind the counter—without pay.

On the first Monday night of the year, the parking lots at the community center on Water Street are full. Most of the cars belong to the women who've mobbed the Jazzercise class. The rest belong to the 30 or so people on hand to watch the newly elected mayor take the oath of office. Though the gathering is small—a good 2 million heads fewer than the crowd that will greet President Barack Obama at his inauguration—the occasion is momentous, at least for the 9,500 citizens of Silverton. Stu Rasmussen is about to become the nation's first openly transgender mayor.


This is probably my favorite part:

When Fred Phelps, founder of the Baptist church that launched the website godhatesfags.com, led members of his congregation to Silverton from Topeka, Kansas, last November to protest the coronation of a man who carries a purse, nearly 200 residents greeted them outside City Hall. More than a few were dressed in drag. "Go home," they chanted. "We like our mayor." Sitting in the café, over a cup of coffee and a bagel, Rasmussen tears up at the memory of the brush-off Phelps and his foot soldiers received. "They were treated like freaks," he says.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Outlook Media Fail

Outlook Weekly, our local GL(bt) news paper, has recently switched to a monthly format. Curious about how its content might've changed with its change in format, I checked it out. Glaringly obvious mistake: Why is TransOhio not listed under "Community Resources?" Their website also leaves something to be desired. Consider yourself warned in advance. "Community Resources" are listed on page 7.

As I tend to be cynical about the inclusion of bacon & tomato, I'm not really surprised. Outlook also never features real people from Columbus on their cover, and they still run Savage Love despite all the problems with Dan Savage being a racist / biphobic / transphobic / victim-blaming /generally distasteful person, they rarely cover bi and trans issues... Et cetera.

Try at least a little harder, guys. :/

Important Blog Roundup Thingy

Say hey, bisexuals, pansexuals, queers, other such fluid folk, and our allies. I have some stuff written by other people for you to read. I need to do more regular re-occurring features on here. Sunday generally seems to be the day that lots of other blogs have blog entries about other great blog entries. But my life has been pretty crazy lately, and I'm currently trying to catch up on what I've missed, so you get it on a Thursday! (...it is Thursday, right?)
Please check out all the content listed below, because it's all fantastic and important.

I missed Blogging Against Disablism Day. :( More about that later.

Women in Love: Understanding Heterosexual Privilege - Please Live & Let Live - I've seen this before, but if you haven't, please check it out.

Feminist Avengers: Ohio State to Violate Students’ Rights Using Student Funds (potential triggers) - I will be doing direct action against this

TransOhio: Why feminists should be concerned with the impending revision of the DSM - WHAT THE F, GUYS.

The Bilerico Project: Diesel-powered Ageism - Ageism makes me really, really sad.

Queers United: Dr Phil Show - "Teen Pretending to Be Bisexual" - I really hate Dr. Phil. This comment about him is priceless. Here's my $0.02 regarding "trendy" bisexuality.

Queers United: Right to Save Campaign - May 16th - Support the end of government sanctioned discrimination! - Help Change the FDA's current Policy [regarding donating blood]!"

Queers United: Procter & Gamble Embraces the "T" By Including Gender Identity - That's an Ohio-based company (Cincy). Yay Ohio! See my two cents regarding P&G's animal testing.

Queers United: A Comprehensive LGBT Guide for Elementary Schools - Yes!!! Download it.

Queers United (hey, there's a lot of great content!): Urge NH Gov. John Lynch to Sign Marriage Bill! - As I said yesterday, Maine ought not to be ahead of NH when it comes to such rights

Queers United: Diversity Lesson 101 - Homeless Sexual Minorities - This is a hugely important issue.

Bash Back! News: Boston Bashes Back Against Exodus - Important criticism of Exodus, hate crimes legislation and Join the Impact. I don't always 100% agree with radical queers, but I find myself leaning in that direction, and I try to make sure I am listening to a diverse group of voices. I do identify with Bash Back! more than mainstream marriage equality groups, HRC, etc.

So that's a lot for now. Check 'em out. Maybe (okay, probably) more later.

The Big Fat Gay Collab: F*** You

"theres a disgusting amount of hate on the internet (especially on youtube!) directed at minority groups (especially the LGBT community) so i was inspired to organize this collab video. i never set out to "change the world" i simply wanted to make something light hearted to put a smile on the face of any hate-victim watching. you're not alone! stevie loves you :)

the song is "f#ck you" by "lily allen" and i believe it was originally written about george bush. however, this video is not against bush. this is our interpretation of the meaning behind the lyrics and i think that our video gives a slightly different meaning to the lyrics and makes a different point than the original song had specifically intended. this video has nothing to do with george bush!"

H/T Queers United

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do What's Right, New Hampshire

I really care about the marriage issue in NH.

"But, Bi Avenger," you might say, "I thought marriage equality was less of a priority to you than other LGBTQIA issues, like whether or not trans people can change their birth certificates and driver's licenses! And why do you care about New Hampshire if you are from Ohio?"

Well, dear readers, let me address these issues for you.

First of all: I have decided that we need to approach LGBTQIA equality on ALL fronts. I am and will always be a strong feminist. When I asked Robyn Ochs how she felt about marriage knowing that she has been a feminist since the late 70s/early 80s, that she brought feminist values to the groups she was involved with, and that some people feel marriage is the cornerstone of the patriarchy, she stated that fundamentalism is fundamentalism, whether it's from Christians or feminists. There isn't necessarily one correct way to do feminism. Besides, something like two women marrying is a radically queer thing to do and challenges heterosexist paradigms. Finally, she stated that she believed we needed to approach equality on all fronts. Based on this conversation and other recent ones I've had, I've changed my tune a little on marriage. I still have some trouble reconciling my support for non-monogamous friends and non-traditional families with supporting marriage. I'm not sure how to resolve that.

It also still bothers me that marriage equality is often reduced to a gay or gay and lesbian issue and bi and trans people still get gaywashed. And gay, lesbian, and allied people seriously need to recognize the importance of bi, trans, intersex and asexual rights, and examine their privilege (everyone needs to do this, but monosexual cisgender people often overlook it). In truth, marriage has always been an important issue to me, which is why I've gotten so irritated when I feel people are taking the wrong approach (like using the term "gay marriage" and ignoring issues of race, class, privilege, etc. when it comes to marriage and the message we send about it...).


I spent a good amount of my childhood in New Hampshire. My parents are divorced, my mom lives in NH, and my dad lives in OH. I'd say 2/3-3/4 of my time was spent in NH going to school, and I spent summers and some vacations in OH with my dad's family. My dad's family is from Dayton, OH (Appalachian KY and TN a few generations back) and my mom's family is from Lakes Region/Northern NH.

So MA and VT have approved marriage equality. They're generally more progressive than NH. A lot of New Hampshirites have a libertarian attitude. But MAINE?! Maine supported marriage equality? Maine is more of a supporter of individual liberties than NH?!? Since when is that the case? We can't let those Mainers be bigger supporters of minimal government involvement in people's lives and keep religion out of the law more than we do in NH!

And so I ask New Hampshire to do the right thing: call your legislators, write John Lynch, whatever it takes. I ask NH legislators to approve same-sex marriage and send a message to Maine that they are not better than us, srsly.