Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ohio Lesbian Festival Scheduled to Happen During Rosh Hashanah


The Ohio Lesbian Festival happens this year from Sept 19-20. This year, Jewish Year 5770, Rosh Hashanah lasts from sunset on September 18 to nightfall on September 20.

But hey, it's not like Rosh Hashanah is printed in ANY calendars or agendas. And it's not like there are any lesbian / gay / bi / queer / allied Jewish women (womyn?). At least not any who are serious enough about their Judaism to observe the High Holidays / High Holy Days / Yamim Noraim / Days of Awe! </sarcasm> Someone suggested setting up some services at the event, but this is really a time when people might want to be with family and/or at their local shul.

I have never gotten to go to the Ohio Lesbian Festival because I have been out of state every year since I first learned about it. I was looking forward to going this year, and I even offered to pass out some fliers to my friends. Well, never mind.


David Alex Nahmod said...

Hey, Good Yon Tov, fellow Jew!
I don't think the Fest organizers did this with the intent of excluding anyone.
Perhaps if you approached them they could be more mindful about such schedule conflicts in the future!

The Bi Avenger said...


i know it probably wasn't intentional. it sucks that it's not that hard to check scheduling conflicts and they didn't. i will be e-mailing them to let them know that i have wanted to attend for years and the one year i've been able to, i couldn't due to this conflict. and i'm a reform jew, so it's not like my observation of judaism is at an orthodox level... :/