Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dan Savage Sucks

There's no arguing about it. He is a racist, biphobic, transphobic asshole. See especially that last link for his wise words about fat people and victims of domestic violence. I stopped reading his column a few years back because of what he's said about bisexuality and domestic violence - it's not like this stuff is new. He has crossed the line far too many times for anyone to say, "Well, he says this stuff, but he's still a good sex advice columnist."
As Aviva at Bi-Furious! writes,

I suspect the defense we’ll hear, if any, is that Mr. Savage makes his living by snark. No one reads him for the sweetness and light. And that’s true, as far as it goes. But “snarky” and “offensive” are not actually synonymous — there’s a lot of overlap on the Venn diagram, but also a lot of area covered by things that are one and not the other... It’s the difference between me writing about what an asshat Dan Savage is as an individual, and him writing insulting things about entire groups of people. Believe it or not, it is possible to be sarcastic, amusing, and the ever-dreaded PC.

It's time to FTMFA (that would be, "FIRE the mother...")

An obvious local place to start would be to get his column out of Outlook Weekly. Seems to me he has no place in a newspaper that is supposed to serve GLBT people.


Dan4th said...

Hey: Tripped over your blog searching for "Dan Savage" on Twitter. Honestly: it made me feel a lot better. I feel like I catch a lot of shit for not being prepared to forgive Dan Savage for his attitude towards bi and transfolk.

Now, I'm perfectly prepared to admit that these "gems" probably aren't representative of his column as a whole - but I really don't like the constant arguing over whether I ought to keep giving him more chances than I'd give a straight columnist.

Rachel said...

Really glad to find your blog. I'll make my way back over more often. Peace.

The Bi Avenger said...

Dan4th - great to meet a fellow Dan Savage loather. You are absolutely right. Also, I do think that his "gems" are numerous (and historic) enough to be representative of at least part of his column as a whole.

I added you on Twitter and I added your blogs to my blogroll. :)

The Bi Avenger said...

Rachel - hi there! Glad you stumbled across my blog. It's great to find another fellow queer blogger who is also religiously observant (I'm Jewish). I added your blog to my blogroll.