Friday, February 20, 2009

"Gay St. Now Two Way"

Ha. I can't believe I've never seen this image - or this sign - before. This is totally from Columbus:

I know there was some construction being done and I can't remember if Gay St. is still two-way or if it's back to one-way. From here (I'm on a public computer without sound, so I have no idea what sound will come up. For those of you unfamiliar with YTMND, it's usually a repeating photo, text and some sort of sound file.)


Queers United said...

omg that is funny!

The Bi Avenger said...

Gay St. has been good for some laughs in the past.

I definitely have to go downtown sometime this weekend and see if the sign is still there!

Danelle said...

the music is polka-like, with the instrumentation of a super nintendo game.

DaisyDeadhead said...

I was in a gay pride parade there in the 80s, everyone chanted GAY STREET! GAY STREET!--when we got to the intersection. Will never forget it!

Love the photo, I am terribly homesick. Columbus is my hometown. :)