Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Extra pointy, just for you.

History will judge you, sir, but not as you'd like to think it will. The facts speak for themselves: you are the silver-spoon-fed (barely)-Ivy-League-educated sorry excuse for a human being who, despite all his privilege, still managed to be a failure at most of what he touched in business, who is decent at playing cowboy and excellent at playing dumb (though we'd all like to know how much is an act) and, of course, a possible Satanist UT fan, who is passionate about lying to the American people, who crafted a cruel regime based on deception/fear/torture, who encouraged the destruction of our planet for the profit of yourself and your cronies, who perpetrated Orwellian-level propaganda and doublespeak, who wholeheartedly embraced the manipulation of science/facts for garbage/your cause and the perversion of Christ's message of love into a message of hatred and intolerance... Also, you had a vice president who had a man-sized safe in his office, got his home erased from Google Maps, made up his own special "top secret" stamp separate from the regular one, and who shot a man in the face and then got the shot man to apologize to him for it.

I can't even begin to summarize all the despicable things that you and your cabinet have done to our country. You put both your fellow countrypeople and world citizens at great risk for an unacceptable amount of time in an unacceptable laundry list of ways. Your departure from this office means a better country for Americans and a better world.

And so, taking a cue from the excellent Iraqi journalist, but without an opportunity to do so in real life, I throw my virtual shoe at you:

Too bad I don't have the opportunity to throw a shoe at every single crappy member of your administration. Goodness knows I probably have enough pairs to do so.

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