Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Repugnant Party Says, "Not All Ohio Families Deserve to Exist"

I have not frequently posted about my political affiliations here. I consider myself an independent. HOWEVER, because I *actually* support liberty and justice for all, I frequently find myself coming up against Republican/conservative beliefs. I usually hold my nose and vote Democrat, unless there's a good third party candidate. Were there ever to be a Republican who stood for most of what I believe in over all other candidates, I would consider voting for them - although I think the chances of that happening are slim to none. I don't necessarily want to alienate readers... but considering the Republicans' general stance on LGBTQ rights as well as the following campaign, I find no reason to keep silent about politics in a blog devoted to dealing with bisexual/queer issues.

The Republican Party's recent campaign against Ray Pryor is disgusting.

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You can tell these idiots just how wrong they are by visiting this address and sending the Ohio Rethug chairman a letter:

I am tired of seeing the incorrect and disgusting rhetoric surrounding which families are and aren't "acceptable." For those of you who may not consider yourselves part of the LGBTQIA community, this is not just a queer issue - it relates to everyone.

Personal notes are often more effective in these situations than the form one provided. So, using just a little from the form, I let them hear it:

Dear Chairman Bennett:
Your campaign is insulting and unacceptable not only to LGBT Ohioans but to Ohio's families in general. The negative portrayal of families that fall outside the nuclear family model is not just an LGBT issue. There are many of us who were raised by single mothers, grandparents, and other "non-traditional" families who had a happy childhood and have gone on to thrive as adults. The idea the only successful parenting model is an upbringing by a mother and a father is a fallacy. Using Ohio's children and families as a desperate political ploy to sway voters is morally despicable as well as factually incorrect - and it represents the type of negative campaigning that Ohio voters are tired of.
Stop using Ohio's innocent children as a backdrop to your distorted and dishonest campaign messages. Enough is enough.

You should write them too.

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