Sunday, September 7, 2008

I kissed a girl and I liked it and then I went to Hell

An Ohio church makes national news with their hateful homophobic sign.
I first saw this in the Other Paper, Columbus's alternative weekly newspaper.

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Now it's on Fark. There's lots of moaning in the comments about "attention whores" and how annoying they are, of course, with little to no discussion of Katy Perry's song as a possibly valid expression of sexual exploration and ambivalence about one's sexuality. And of course there's religion bashing, because anyone who's religious is obviously backwards and unenlightened, just like the dipwad pastor that chose to put out this sign. Who apparently "didn't put up the sign to draw attention to the church." Bull.

They took down the sign after 24 hours - not because of outrage (or so they claim), but because too many people were confused and didn't know what the sign meant. Also bull, unless the people who called never listen to the radio, never watch TV and never leave the house. I heard this song playing at *Goodwill* a couple months ago.

Equality Ohio wants you to know that there are over 300 welcoming and affirming faith communities around Ohio, and the list is growing. If you know of one that should be on the list or you want to know if yours is on it, contact Kim at .

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Jessica said...

I always assumed that was a Photoshop when I saw it on the internet. That really happened here in Columbus? How did I miss that? Seems like I should really read The Other Paper more often.