Monday, July 21, 2008

Help out BiNet USA!

From Wendy Curry, president of BiNet USA:

There's been some exciting discussions going on over the past week... how BiNet can reach out to the younger generation, how we should handle the same gender marriage debate, how to increase or web presence.

It seems like a good time to remind y'all - BiNet is what each one of you chooses to make of it. We are grassroots and all volunteer. We don't have a big budget or staff.

Consider joining us on the board... come up with a nifty title for yourself and i can help set you up with a special name tag ;)

Its funny.. I was having this sometimes exasperating discussion with a binet memeber earlier this month. she has tons of ideas and was confused why we weren't implementing more of them. Eventually, I realized there was an impression that the board secretly meets in dark, smoky quarters to plot our secret agenda... one that we don't share with anyone.

I had to laugh. honestly.... y'all see all there is to see. I volunteer my hour or so a day maintaining the list and web site, responding to email, and being involved in the glbt leadership discussion groups. Margaret manages our mail. Gary, our funds. Matt keeps us up to date on the Task Force's leadership round table. And that's about ALL we're doing.

If anyone is interested in BiNet doing more, please join us!

For more about BiNet USA, visit their website:

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