Monday, June 16, 2008


From the Bi Writers' Association Blog, Bidar:

Gaywashed! Article profiling bi same-sex couple omits B-word...again!

An article produced by Reuters on California same-sex couples about to marry for the third time, profiled bisexual same-sex couple Lindasusan Ulrich and Emily Drennen who were openly bi in their interview. But the word bisexual was omitted from the article and the title published was "Three's a charm? Gay California couples wed again" and begins "For many California gays and lesbians, getting married is nothing new. They've done it more than once -- to the same person."

Especially ironic is the fact that bisexual couple Lindasusan and Emily's photos were used to illustrate the gaywashed Reuters article.

No one wants to believe that bisexual people commit to same-sex partners and if we do, then we are labeled lesbian or gay, no matter how many times we repeat: 'I'm bisexual and please put that in the article."

The same exact thing happened to Robyn Ochs when she and her lesbian partner Peg Prebble got married in Massachusetts and were profiled, in an article only about them, by the Washington Post. Robyn requested that she be referred to as bi in the article but presto change-o, she became a lesbian. Kind of bizarre since Robyn's name is pretty much synonymous with bisexuality.

Here's a link to the page where Lindasusan and Emily are profiled. You can see the full article here.

This sort of thing is inexcusable. And it makes me really angry.

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