Monday, May 19, 2008

Where did your username come from?

A year ago I posted a blog on my myspace about a biphobic Craigslist personal ad I'd seen. I sent its author an e-mail telling her I had a problem with her post, and we exchanged a few e-mails back and forth.

In the comments to my blog post, a friend wrote:

first: ""No bisexuals" is like the lesbian equivalent of "No fatties."" made me choke on my own spit it was so funny. lesbians are starting to bug me more and more, mainly because in addition to "no bisexuals" there is a hidden "oh, and no trans-freaks either." i understand your frustration and i admire that you have the balls to tell people like it is. i wish i could do the same more often, but i'm usually politely rejected or dumped and left to lick my wounds quietly in the corner. biphobia is thick in the LGBT community, and it scares me that it's spreading even more into the trans-community. there are haters out there who don't seem to realize that their ignorance and intolerance is further marginalizing us as a community. the more we spread hate about other queer individuals, the more we invite those in the straight community who are already intolerant to continue on their narrow-minded viewpoints and spread more ignorance.

as a trans individual who understands your anger and frustration: "you go girl!" i'm going to start thinking of you as the "bi-avenger"!!!

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