Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hotel Bliss open for beta testing

"HOTEL BLISS - the community site for bi and bi-friendly girls - is open for testing.

Would you like to be a bi-girl pioneer and help bring together bright and beautiful bi-women for friendship, community and fun?

Sign up to be a beta tester here!

from here: "What is Hotel Bliss?

Hotel Bliss is the first members-only community site for bi-women and their girlfriends. Join us for fun, flirtation, empowerment, friendship, and much, much more... We maintain a strict membership policy to ensure Hotel Bliss is a community of bi and bi-friendly women only."

I joined!
But... though I greatly appreciate a place where I can engage with others who are bi and that is more exclusive, that offers more of a "safe haven..." there is something about the "women only" policy that makes me twitch a little. I do believe it's important to have those sorts of spaces. So maybe it's just the way they phrased it, or maybe it's because right now they're adding people based on attached photos or on myspace profiles. How fair is it to judge from a photo? I guess I am actually unsure whether trans people are welcome. If they are, I feel like maybe there should be a clarification or qualifier in there, like "women-identified or female-identified" or something. My thoughts on the whole, uh, "womyn-born-womyn" thing could surely fill up another post.
I'll send Miss Bliss an e-mail about this, though it probably won't be until next week. It's midterms time right now and I shouldn't even really be writing in *this* blog. Which is why the above paragraph might not even make any sense. But I had to take a break. Anyway, the site looks like it's gonna be awesome, and Bliss Warrior's site is also awesome, so if you are a "bi-girl" you should join as well.

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