Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Complaint to GLAAD: An e-mail from the Local Bi Group Leaders listserv

-- In, "webmaster for the New York Area
Bisexual Network (NYABN)" wrote:

Well we are certainly not very happy with GLAAD right now.

On the blog on their myspace page ( we found an entry with this non-inclusive (& innacurate btw) title: "Oklahoma State Legislator Attacks Gay and Lesbian People".

We have sent them the following comment about it:
Umm, err . . . don't you mean "Oklahoma State Legislator Attacks All Queer People" or "Oklahoma State Legislator Attacks the LGBT Community"?

Looking thru a partial transcription of Representative Kern's speech made by a GSA member as a service to the community, we find she used the word "homosexual" or "homosexuality" three (3) times, and "gays" or "gay" five (5) times (and of that once was in the word gay-bashing and once was when referring to the Gay Straight Alliance) but she NEVER used the word lesbian.

So do you REALLY think Representative Kern ONLY meant Gay Men (and possibly Lesbian Women) but she's ok with all the Bi, Pan, Poly, Omni, et. al. people? Do you REALLY think she is giving all Genderqueer people a pass too?

We the "B" in LGBT have been working alongside the rest of Our Community to get this important story out there for several days now and it is truly disheartening to see GLAAD of all people, a fine organization that we love and support, casually "forget" to mention one half of the community like this.

Please do discuss this with us, pass our concerns on to the powers that be at your organization AND please consider changing that title and wording to be more accurate and inclusive.


As a bisexual in the military, there is no distinction in terms of punishment, no refuge in being bisexual. You get the same consequences; you don't get half a discharge." ~~ Cliff Arnesen, VP New England GLBT Veterans Oct 2001

We'd like to strongly urge ALL people reading this who have a myspace page and who also find GLAAD's odd re-editing of Representative Kern's remarks peculiar and disturbing to please add a comment of their own too.

[and a PS for all you other myspacers - who will more than understand what we mean - we are not totally sure if our "Blog Comments" got thru so we also sent them again as a "Message" too - *rolls eyes about habitual myspace system errors*]

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