Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts of a bisexual person in Columbus, Ohio

Cowtown Bisexual was started after I read a post on a local person's blog asking Columbus people to write more blogs about Columbus. At that time, I saw a need for this type of site. There's a large gay community here in Cbus, but bisexual community can be hard to find. There have been support and social groups in the past, but when I moved to Columbus in 2006, there was no place specifically set aside for people attracted to more than one gender to meet, chat, seek support or rally around causes.

Bisexuals, pansexuals, and others who don't identify as monosexual have long been a part of activist movements fighting oppression, and we will continue to be. We also see a need, however, for setting aside a specific time and space for ourselves. Other cities have such groups. We wanted that space and that support. The people I talked to were hungry for it. So in the spring of 2008, I got some people together and founded a group at Ohio State called comBIne, for students who are attracted to more than one gender and their allies. The first entry in this blog was posted during that organization-building process. I made Cowtown Bisexual in part to share photos and news about us, and the university's and area's reactions to us.

In 2010, we re-started a support group at Stonewall, the Columbus Bi Network. In 2011, we are working to build comBIne to a new level. Through this process, I've explored what it means to be a leader and a member of a group. The Internet has been vital to both my personal and professional explorations of gender and human sexuality. I hope to see our communities blossom and to be able to share our progress with you here.

Lastly, I'm another bi voice in the rainbow chorus. I write here about bisexuality in general: news or stories I come across, books I've heard about, current issues that involve bisexuality, etc. I also write about topics related to QUILTBAG equality and liberation.

Cowtown Bisexual is a place to share things of note and start conversations that matter.

Hope you enjoy reading. Please let me know if you have any feedback!

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